12 Colour Press

title-squaresQuality Assurance

Battlefield Quality Performance standards have been in existence since we produced our first printed piece. Each member of the staff performs within the BQP guidelines. These standards are developed for overall production, but are tailored to individual clients or specific projects.

Managers are responsible for implementation within each department. Our managers are hands-on managers, deeply involved in the job specific details.


Pre-flight is an essential ingredient of BQP. Each job is checked prior to the start of work:

  1. Does it match the quotation?
  2. Do we have all the necessary files? 
  3. Stock availability is checked.
  4. All electronic files are opened and analyzed before being output, to assure the condition of the files.


With our pre-press working two shifts a day, we need to know the condition of files during regular working hours.

A printout is produced and the client is contacted if a problem arises. Once the job is proofed, our pre-press coordinator(s) post-flight each job. All proofs are checked for accuracy in accordance with BQP and the job’s specific requirements.


Once approved, plates are produced, scanned and inspected by the production department. Pressmen follow BQP standards to ensure consistent print quality. Presses are made ready and each run is inspected and signed-off by the Production Manager. For consistency, the approved press sheet is scanned by a densitometer and those readings become the guide for the run. The original densitometer readings are stored for future re-runs and are used to quickly achieve the same results as the first run.

Bindery and Finishing

Bindery and finishing have their own set of BQP. Job specific standards are again inspected at each station. Battlefield recently installed a Stahl T36 Mini folder that exceeds the ISO 9002 certification for pharmaceutical companies.

BQP is always being refined. Meetings held twice a month with managers keep our system dynamic. Our success in achieving these standards parallels our success and growth as a leader in sheet-fed printing.